Seminar on 23 Aug – “How to Engage Industrial Talent into Smart City Blueprint?” | Many Thanks for Dr. Chan Pak-Li, Bernard’s Precious Visit

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This seminar was jointly hosted by both ISIA (Information & Software Industry Association) and HKETA (Hong Kong Electronics & Technologies Association) in HKCCF Expo 2021 on 23rd August 2021.  We thanked Mr. Alvin Lee (CEO of Armitage Technologies Limited and Chairman of ISIA) for kicking off the wonderful opening ceremony, and thanked for the participation of all CEOs / Chairmen from various enterprises.










The seminar aimed at discussing and exploring the significance of engaging industrial talents into smart city blueprint and, business opportunity and potentiality originated from Smart City development.  We much appreciated IFF2020 (Innovate For Future) winners’ participation and their sharing of winning works to us.  Also, we are honour of having Dr. Chan Pak-Li, Bernard’s precious visit to this seminar! (Dr. Chan Pak-Li, Bernard – Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development)

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The panel discussion allowed us to deeply understand the evolution of Information Technology.  Smart City is the near future to us and it is stepping toward “Execution Stage” from “Conceptual Stage”.


Again, “Industrial Talent is Smart City’s Future”!



Mr. Alvin Lee – CEO of Armitage Texhnologies Limited & Chairman of ISIA

Mr. Raymond Wu (Ir.) – Founder of 2Fi Business Solution Limited & Vice Chairman of ISIA

Mr. Daniel Chun – CEO of Remotec Technology & Vice President of 智慧城市聯盟

Miss Monica Leung – Founder & Director of Blueinno Technology Limited & Youth & Start up Subcom Chair Lady of HKETA

IFF2020 Winners:

Mr. WAN Chi Hang – Co-Founder of Factgie Corporation Limited

Mr. CHENG Yuk Shing – Co-Founder of Factgie Corporation Limited

Mr. CHAN Lok Chun – Co-Founder of Claire Clinical Research Limited

Miss. WOO Chor Kiu – Co-Founder of Elderlive

Miss. WOO Chung Yu – Co-Founder of Elderlive

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