Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Benefits for becoming ISIA Full Member, International Member and Associate Member:

   Benefits Full Member International Member Associate Member
1. Entitle to vote in general meetings of ISIA  Y    
2. Entitle to nominate authorised representative to run for election as council members / Chairman of ISIA  Y    
3. Join events organized by ISIA from time to time (including but not limited to business matching events with end-users of different industries, events organized with different industry assoications)  Y  Y  Y
4. Discounts on events organized by ISIA  Y  Y  
5. Discounts on selected events organized by / supported by ISIA  Y  Y  Y
6. Join ISIA Software Specialist Groups  Y  Y  Y
7. Distribution of Full members / International members’ material in exhibitions that ISIA participate (e.g. Software Exhibition, Information Infrastructre Expo etc.)  Y  Y  Y
8. Include members’ company and product inforamtion in ISIA handbook in future  Y  Y  Y


1. The annual membership fee for Full Member, Associate Member and International Member is HK$2,000 per year.

2. International Member refers to those company whose headquarters are situated outside Hong Kong.