ISIA New Council Elected

Posted on 20/07/2012 · Posted in news, Press Release

Dear ISIA Members & IT Friends,

Announcement of New Council

at Information and Software Industry Association

The Information and Software Industry Association (ISIA) is pleased to announce that a new council has just been on board on 22 March 2012, with Mr. Reggie Wong as the new Chairman and other council members listed below. Mr. Wong and his team members are honored to lead the 12-year-old ISIA into a new era to carry on our efforts to serve and support the development of the local information and software industry in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific regions. That would be a great challenge and thus your continuous support to our activities is highly appreciated.

ISIA Council 2011-2013

Chairman主席 Mr. Reggie WONG王志強先生 Hong Kong Educations Web Ltd.香港教育資訊網有限公司
Hon. Treasurer司庫 Mr. Alvin LEE李偉業先生 Armitage Technologies Ltd萬迅科技有限公司
Hon. SecretaryVice Chairman秘書/ 副主席 Mr. Chi Wing KONG江志榮先生 Lighthouse Services Ltd東哲有限公司
Vice Chairman – Strategic Alliance副主席- 策略聯盟 Mr. Hilton LAW羅耀宗先生 CDC ISL Ltd集信軟件科技有限公司
Vice Chairman副主席 Dr. Samson TAM JP譚偉豪博士 Group Sense Ltd權智集團有限公司
Vice Chairman – International Affairs副主席-國際事務 Mr. Albert TSANG曾佳先生 Net Consultants Limited智星網絡顧問有限公司
Vice Chairman – Industry Development副主席-行業發展 Mr. Jefferson WAT屈國良先生 Asia Solution Corp. Ltd亞洲科龍有限公司
Vice Chairman – Public Communications副主席-傳訊 Mr. Steve YEUNG楊世昌先生 Computer And Technologies Holdings Ltd科聯系統集團有限公司
Director – SME Affairs總監- 中小企事務 Mr. PL CHAU周柏林先生 Open Resources Systems Ltd高頻系統有限公司
Director總監 Mr. Dio LAM林柏里先生 Asta Systems Ltd亞士達系统有限公司董事
Director總監 Ms. Peggy SAM岺佩芝女士 Azeus Systems Ltd中環電腦系統有限公司
Advisor顧問 Mr. Fritz CHIU招亮輝先生 Hong Kong Productivity Council香港生產力促進局


Information and Software Industry Association

22 March 2012