ISIA awarded the right to host the ASOCIO ICT Summit 2008

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Information And Software Association Industry (ISIA)

Awarded the right to host the ASOCIO ICT Summit 2008 in Hong Kong

Hong Kong 6 December 2006 - The Information and Software Industry Association (ISIA) today announced that it has successfully acquired the right to host the ASOCIO ICT Summit 2008 in Hong Kong

The ASOCIO ICT Summit is a prestigious event organized annually in 27 cities of Asia.  This is the first time that Hong Kong has been awarded the opportunity to host this important and influential event in year 2008 since its establishment.

Mr. Aldous Ng, Chairman of ISIA commented, “ISIA is honored to be the organizer for the upcoming ASOCIO ICT Summit 2008.  We are committed to bridging our local industry partners with those in the region to foster closer collaboration and in particular, to capture the opportunities brought forth by the 11-5 national planning and Hong Kong’s special positioning.  The Summit will provide a forum for participants from government and industry levels to discuss on ICT strategies and plans that will facilitate the growth of this industry.”

The ASOCIO ICT Summit 2008 provides an excellent opportunity for bridging the ASOCIO member associations in the region, as well as ICT associations in Hong Kong and Mainland China.  Hosting such a prestigious international ICT event in Hong Kong could raise the profile of our local ICT industry.  In synchronous with the Hong Kong Government’s Digital 21 Strategy, it is also a great opportunity to showcase Hong Kong as the world’s forefront in many other industries, such as finance, logistics and multi-media / entertainment.

ISIA formed the Bidding Committee in May to bid for hosting the ASOCIO ICT Summit 2008. “Thanks for the support from various organizations of the Hong Kong Government and ICT organizations. We will continue our efforts to make Hong Kong an international hub for technology trade and development,” said Ms. Satti Wong, Chairperson, ASOCIO ICT Summit 2008 Bidding Committee, Honorary Chairman, Information and Software Industry Association.

Richard Li, Honorary Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the ASOCIO ICT Summit said, “Globalization has created even greater opportunities for the ICT industry.  I am pleased to take on this role in orchestrating the successful implementation of this regional Summit. The forum will concentrate on commercial aspects of the industry with the ultimate aim to benefit citizens of all member countries.  I sincerely look forward to working with the industry leaders and government ministers to ensure that we achieve our goals.

Supporting Organizations of the Hong Kong Government

l           Commerce, Industry and Technology Bureau

l           Brand Hong Kong Management Office

l           Hong Kong Productivity Council

l           Hong Kong Tourism Board

l           Hong Kong Trade Development Council

l           InvestHK

Supporting ICT Organizations

l           Hong Kong Computer Society

l           Hong Kong Information Technology Federation

l           Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association

l           Internet Professional Association.

About ISIA

The Information and Software Industry Association (ISIA) was established in July 1999 to promote the standard, recognition and profitability of the local information and software industry and to expedite the development of high value-added information and software services for the industries in Hong Kong and the region. Since its inauguration, the Association has rapidly established as a contributing organization in promoting continuous prosperity of the local IT industry. Apart from gradually enriching our services and operations, ISIA has also become the bridge to facilitate effective communications between the local IT industry and government and industry organizations in both Hong Kong and overseas markets.

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Throughout the expanse of Asia-Oceania, which encompasses both developed and developing economies, the Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO) stands tall as the bridge for IT companies in the region to expand their network of contacts, do business together and develop their capabilities.

Since its establishment in 1984, in Tokyo, Japan, ASOCIO has dedicated itself to promoting, encouraging and fostering relationships, while promoting trade between its member organizations. As a federation of computing industry associations from the Asian-Oceanian region,ASOCIO’s overriding objective is to develop the computing society and industry in the region.

ASOCIO has been instrumental in linking up IT companies in its member economies. The annual ASOCIO ICT Summit is o-ne of the region’s high-powered IT forums, providing platforms for government and industry to share information, develop closer relationship and, most importantly, identify new business opportunities.

ASOCIO has 20 members representing Japan, Australia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam. It has seven guest members from USA, UK, Canada, Spain, France, Russia and Kenya.

ASOCIO members associations, through their own members, represent more than 10,000 IT companies in the region.

(Official Website:

About Mr. Richard Li

Li Tzar Kai, Richard is chairman of PCCW and chairman of PCCW’s Executive Committee. He is also chairman and chief executive of the Pacific Century Group, chairman of Pacific Century Premium Developments Limited (PCPD), chairman of PCPD’s Executive Committee and chairman of Singapore-based Pacific Century Regional Developments Limited.

Mr Li is a member of the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ International Councillors’ Group in Washington D.C., and a member of the Global Information Infrastructure Commission.

Mr Li is also a Council Member of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.





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