Introduction of Organiser

Organizer & Supporting Organisations

The Information and Software Industry Association (ISIA) was established in July 1999 to promote the standard, recognition and profitability of the local information and software industry and to expedite the development of high value-added information and software services for the industries in Hong Kong and the region.

The objectives of ISIA are to promote the interest of its members, in specific:

  • To enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong information and software industry locally and globally
  • To promote the awareness and usage of information technology
  • To provide a forum for experience sharing and partnership facilitation
  • To represent and safeguard the interests and opinions of the industry to the Government and other international parties
  • To promote co-operation between Hong Kong and Mainland China information and software organisations




  • 加強香港資訊及軟件業在本地及全球的競爭力
  • 向公眾推廣資訊科技的認識及應用
  • 為業界提供交流經驗的論壇,並協助加強業內合作,取得最佳的協同效益
  • 在與政府及其他本地及國際機構溝通時,保障業界的利益並反映其觀點
  • 促進香港與內地資訊及軟件業的合作