Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria

Submission for the Best SME ICT Award will be assessed by a Judging Panel. The judging criteria during the assessment process include but not limited to:

1. Application Scope and Extensibility

2. Utilization of ICT

3. Innovation and Creativity

4. Functionality and User-friendliness

5. Market Performance (for Best SME ICT (Product) Award)

Productivity Performance (for Best SME ICT (Adoption) Award)

Popularization Performance (for Best SME ICT (Facilitation Programme) Award)

6. Social Responsibility



1) 應用範圍及擴展性

2) 資訊及通訊科技的使用程度

3) 原創性及創新

4) 功能及易用程度

5) 市場業績表現 (最佳中小企資訊科技(產品)獎)

生產力表現 (最佳中小企資訊科技(應用)獎)

普及程度表現 (最佳中小企資訊科技(促進計劃)獎)

6) 社會責任