Eligibility & Rules


The application must be submitted by corporate bodies registered in Hong Kong. A significant part of the development effort of the relevant product / service / programme mentioned in the application must come from local resources.

Rules and Regulations

1. The submitted entry should be product / service / programme that have been launched and in operation.

2. The same application is only allowed to be submitted to a maximum of ONE award stream among all the award categories, and applicant should declare that in the application form. Any application found to enter into more than one award stream will be disqualified and any award / certificate granted will be withdrawn as well.

3. The winning entries of Gold / Silver / Bronze award in the previous years of Hong Kong ICT Awards are not allowed to have entered the Awards again, unless there is significant change or enhancement in the product/service.

4. The applicant must:

(i) observe intellectual property rights. Applicant shall bear full legal and    related responsibilities arise from any possible breach of intellectual property rights, and shall indemnify the Organiser, and the Government of HKSAR against any claims and liabilities arising from any such breach;

(ii) show up to attend assessment interview to present the submitted entry;

(iii) agree to participate in publicity events when invited by the Organiser;

(iv) note that all entries remain its own property. It is its responsibility to protect its own intellectual property rights. All parties in the management, administration and assessment processes will not be liable for any loss of intellectual property rights belong to the owner;

(v) agree that none of the submitted information, documents and materials (including all supporting materials for display, illustration or demonstration) as part of the entry will be returned. The Organiser could decide the proper way to handle them at its sole discretion;

(vi) agree that the decision of the Judging Panel will be absolutely final on all matters;

(vii) accept the Organiser or the Organising Committee of the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2013 has the right to reject or disqualify an entry and to withhold any award from an entry without any explanation;

(viii) consent that the Rules and Regulations are subjected to change without prior announcement by the Organiser when necessary.




1. 參賽項目必須為已投入市場或已被應用之產品/服務/計劃。

2. 同一項目只可參加十個獎項類別中的一個獎項組別,參賽者/機構必須於參賽表格上作出聲明。參賽者/機構如以同一項目參加多於一個獎項組別,將被取消參賽資格,而所獲頒發的獎項/證書將會被取消。

3. 歷屆香港資訊及通訊科技獎的金、銀、銅得獎項目,如非有重要修改,不得再參與本屆香港資訊及通訊科技獎。

4. 所有參賽機構必須:

(i) 遵守知識產權。如有任何違反知識產權情況,參賽機構應承擔全部法律和相關責任 ; 並應賠償主辦機構和香港特區政府可能負責的任何索賠;

(ii) 出席評審或面試,向評審委員詳細介紹其參賽產品、服務或計劃;

(iii) 同意接受主辦機構邀請參加宣傳活動;

(iv) 注意所有參賽項目乃是參賽機構所擁有,參賽機構需保障其知識產權。所有有關的管理、行政及評審單位將不承擔任何知識產權的可能損失;

(v) 同意所有提交的資料、文件和材料(包括所有輔助顯示、插圖或示範材料)將不被退回,主辦機構可自行判斷並決定最適當的處理方式;

(vi) 同意評審委員會擁有絕對及最後的決定及解釋權;

(vii) 接受主辦機構、「2013 香港資訊及通訊科技獎」籌備委員會有權拒絕或取消其參賽資格,或保留獎項不予頒發而不作任何解釋;

(viii) 同意在有需要時主辦機構可改變參賽規則而無須事先公布。