Award Streams

Award Streams

The Best SME ICT Award comprises three award streams:
1) Best SME ICT (Product) Award
2) Best SME ICT (Adoption) Award
3) Best SME ICT (Facilitation Programme) Award

The Best SME ICT (Product) Award targets to local SME ICT companies successfully delivering innovative and effective ICT solutions to large and/or small end-user companies. It aims to recognise local SME ICT companies in developing or implementing innovative ICT products, services or cloud solutions in Hong Kong, and thus enabling creative application of technology in the ICT industry.

The Best SME ICT (Adoption) Award targets to those local SME end-user companies successfully adopting innovative and effective ICT solutions for enhancing their business efficiency and productivity. The Organiser also encourages a joint application from a SME end-user company and its local ICT supplier in order to recognise business success fostered by the joint efforts and encourage the business community towards more adoption of ICT solutions from local ICT companies.

The Best SME ICT (Facilitation Programme) Award targets to those local industry associations, non-government organizations, government departments and commercial companies offering facilitation programmes for promoting wide adoption of ICT solutions by SME clusters in Hong Kong. It aims to uplift the overall productivity and efficiency of the entire SME clusters, and raise awareness of effective application of technology in maintaining the competitiveness of Hong Kong.

For each award stream, there could be Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. Upon recommendation by the assessment team, Certificates of Merit may also be presented. The decision on whether all the awards on each award stream will be presented will rest solely with the Judging Panel.

The most outstanding submission amongst the three streams will be awarded the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2013: Best SME ICT Grand Award. It will be recommended to run for the competition of the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2013: Award of the Year.


1) 最佳中小企資訊科技(產品)獎
2) 最佳中小企資訊科技(應用)獎
3) 最佳中小企資訊科技(促進計劃)獎





最傑出的參賽項目將獲頒發「2013香港資訊及通訊科技獎 : 最佳中小企資訊科技大獎」,它將被推薦參選「2013香港資訊及通訊科技獎 : 全年大獎」。