The 16th Info-Security Conference 2015

Posted on 29/05/2015 · Posted in ISIA
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Date – 29 May 2015

The 16th Info-Security Conference 2015
Trusted Computing: A Security Oxymoron Or The Future

Is trusted computing to be trusted?
Learn the real truths at the Info-security Conference 2015

Trust gets businesses together. However, with the increase in hacking sophistication, ever easier methods to buy hacking tool or recruit hackers, and new innovative ways to steal information has eroded this trust.

So what can today’s businesses do? Is trusted computing a concept that has become a fad? What new strategies and solutions can help to reinforce trust?

These are the questions that the upcoming panel discussion at the highly-anticipated 16th Info-Security Conference 2015 will attempt to answer. Entitled “The Debate: Is Trusted Computing to be Trusted?”, the high-level panel discussion will feature viewpoints from the movers and shakers in IT security from abroad and in Hong Kong.

About the 16th Info-Security Conference 2015

Billed as Hong Kong’s largest info-security event, the conference brings together movers, shakers, leaders, practitioners and solution providers to map out the future of security. This year, the conference will look at: Is Trusted Computing an oxymoron or the future? Using thought-provoking debates and analyst updates on what the concept of trusted computing means to businesses, governments and individuals, we will unearth the latest viewpoints, and argue why the concept requires a rethink of our traditional view of IT security.

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Hear C-level practitioners, analysts and forward thinkers to discuss how the concept of trusted security is being built, who are the players, and the arguments for and against it. It will also look at key events and concerns that will undermine the concept of trusted security.

Date: 29 May, 2015
Venue: Room N101 (New Wing), Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Enquiry No.: (852) 2960 1820
Please visit for more information
Organizers: e21 Eventnna & Questex