Best Practice for Software Developers

Posted on 31/12/2003 · Posted in Project

ISIA Best Practice Project

The Best Practice Project (“BP Project”) aimed to develop a Business Guidebook for Hong Kong Software Developers (“Business Guidebook”) to assist the 800 local SME software companies to tackle the key business issues critical for strengthening their business competitiveness. Via knowledge enhancement, the SME software companies can equip themselves to

1)        formulate a business plan for sourcing venture capital and government fund;
2)        define strategies to enter mainland China;
3)        develop a cost-effective marketing strategy;
4)        create an effective contract for protecting intellectual property rights;
5)        deploy a software quality standard for improving quality of software development.

With thorough understanding of the business problems, close connection with local IT industry and solid experience in market research, Information and Software Industry Association and Hong Kong Productivity Council have completed this ten-month project in September 2003 with encouraging feedback from the industry.

Benefits to SMEs and IT industry

The Business Guidebook is of practical values for the local SME software companies to handle their business operations in the key areas of funding, Mainland issues, marketing, contract terms and software quality. Most of the 800 local software companies, with an average staff size of 23, will benefit from the expert guidance, practical advice and experiences, best practices, checklist and contact information for their growth and development. To ensure more software companies can be benefited from the project, we gather expert opinions on various topics, consolidate the information into a booklet format and then distribute the information to the software industry via press conference and the distribution of the Business Guidebook in both paper form and electronic copy.

The Business Guide Book is available online for download at ISIA website:



Ms. Winnie Sheh, Mr. Sam Lee (from Trade and Industry Department), Mr. Peter Bullock and Mrs. Satti Wong exchanging their view on the Business Guidebook.


(from right) Mr. KT Yung, General Manager of HKPC, Mrs. Satti Wong and Mr. Jimmy Law holding copies of the Business Guidebook


Mr. Peter Bullock, Partner of Masons, presenting a topic on contract terms


Ms. Mandy Wong, Marketing Director of Timeless Software Ltd., sharing her experience in doing business in China